Growing up, my toys didn’t dance.

Not that I really ever thought they could. I didn’t think big enough. But for the last 5 years I’ve been obsessed with dancers and motion capture. I decided to recreate a kids bedroom scene, centered around a dancing toy robot.


The Depot @ VCU

The Depot at VCU has a full-service studio space open to the public and free for students. It has a Vicon 10 Motion Capture system fully calibrated with a tech on-hand to help with the capture.

The Depot has been a tremendous resource for this type of 3D work.

Marquis Davis suited up for the capture.

Marquis Davis suited up for the capture.




Full Bedroom Set

Started with a model of a bedroom and then added some individualized elements like the Star Wars toys and other toys I remember from my childhood.

Xpresso Rig Timed to Music

To get the bedroom set to dance with the robot, I created a frame-by-frame template of the snare and bass patterns in the song. That was used to make On/Off switches in Xpresso nodes which were connected to lights and light-emitting materials.

X-Particles is Sweeeet

It’s a blast using it. The road between ‘Hey, what if I did this…’ to ‘thank u, next’ is so short it makes the whole process smoother and fun.


Other Highlights