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My son is a house. After we got this picture back from school I couldn't help myself. Happy 1st big guy. 

Everything of professional significance in my life happened after I met my wife on a cruise in Hawaii. In 2003.

If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to pursue my passions and talents. I married up. Thanks babe.  

I've always loved movies. Thinking back on it now, it's really that I love telling and hearing stories. It's innate to the human condition. In my opinion the order of inventions by humanity was: shelter, food, stories, fire, the wheel and so on... 

It's part of us in the most basic sense. Only the medium evolves with technology. While I have made a career (so far) in motion graphics and post production, I realize it's only a means toward storytelling. 

The same is true with advertising. I went to the Brandcenter because I wanted to learn another story method, another way to engage people. 

With my work experience in motion graphics and my education in Art Direction I bring a deep and unique set of tools to any creative problem.