These are some of my favorite campaigns from my time at the VCU Brandcenter where I earned my Master's degree in Art Direction in 2014. 

This campaign is about why Kleenex are the best facial tissues in the world - they are each raised with care and trained by specialty breeder Shannon Laburnum. This is his story.  

Why I like it: We took a brand that everyone knows (but hardly thinks about) and twisted it. I also think tone is crucial in anything trying to tell a story. This tone took a while to find and I think it marries an otherwise sleepy brand to a simple, humorous story. 

Some people like this campaign because it taps into the nascent dislike outdoorsy-types have for city folk. To me it's a humorous commentary about society's complete lack of wild notions.

Nature is unashamed of its perceived shortcomings. Lake Powell is nature. Lake Powell don't care.

Copywriter: Sam Bauer

To announce the second season of the hit Netflix series we created a campaign featuring the fashion of prison. 

Since the main character was from suburbia we made fashion spreads that would be home in any supermarket tabloid. Except they feature toothbrush shivs, maxi-pad flip flops and recipes for prison wine. 

Copywriter: Blakeley Jones