May The Force Be With You

If it wasn't for Gordon Whiteway, Trey Trumble, and their amazing RVA drone footage, this wouldn't have happened.

When Gordon dropped the footage off, I wanted to track and animate a paper airplane gliding through one of the shots. When I showed it to Matt West, he said, "Make it an X-Wing." 

I was part of the edit and fully animated, lit and rendered the shots and did a large part of the rotoscoping and compositing of the final shots. Andrew Uvarov of Red Amp Audio jumped in to do the sound design. In true sound-nerd fashion he added a Wilhelm scream. 

The best part of doing this, for me, was that it was the first time I really creatively directed something in collaboration with Matt West. I used my education from the Brandcenter to seed the video online - the biggest hit was putting it on local news channels Facebook pages. From there it went viral. At least 100,000 views and more than 2,000 shares on Facebook. The local legend Byrd theater played it before all their movies between the opening of The Force Awakens and Christmas. 

It was amazing to see the Richmond community come together to share and support this. Seeing something go viral in realtime was such a rush. It was a real-world test of social listening and placement research.