I've been wanting to experiment with the motion capture studio at VCU's The Depot for a while now. It's a top-class facility anywhere, and especially to be in a city the size of Richmond. The staff are great, helpful and willing to work hard to get what you want, and it's open to the public for a pretty affordable price. You can go in there for a session and walk out with animated skeletons packaged inside FBX files. The system captures motion at 120 fps - but because it's FBX you can specify the desired framerate and the animation gets condensed down into it. For this project I did everything at true 24. 

Thank you to Jess Burgess at Dogtown Dance Theatre who basically got a pretty vague email from me explaining what I wanted to do and choreographed the dance completely on her own and got two dancers, who were busy anyway, to stuff themselves in a neoprene suit for this video. Nobody had done something like that before and I'm grateful that they were so willing.