White 64 Motors

This is a custom 3D model I was commissioned for by the agency White 64. They wanted to re-imagine Santa's sleigh for the 21st Century and make it a luxury, driverless car with extra storage in the back. Oh, and it had to be all-terrain to get out of the North Pole. 

It was a blast to make and was the first time I'd ever designed and modeled a vehicle ever. And I had to do it in a week - designing as I built. They were great to work with and I think the project turned out really cool. They definitely poured everything into it.

Here's what AdWeek said: "In a parody of self-driving vehicles, the agency is announcing that it is opening a new division dubbed White64 Motors. Its first client is none other than Santa Claus, for whom the new division has developed a self-driving sleigh. On the website, users also can customize their own driverless sleigh. As the White64 Motors website explains, "We didn't reinvent the wheel. We got rid of it. The JNGL64 autonomous flying sleigh is miles above the competition. When technology finally catches up to imagination, innovation is created."