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I've been using the Adobe Suite for 15+ years, specializing in After Effects for 2D and 3D motion design. I've also been using Cinema 4D for 10 years, currently rendering with Redshift.

I'm the first motion designer on staff in the Brand department at Capital One, as well as an adjunct professor at VCU Brandcenter, teaching Experience Design students how to use Blender and After Effects for creative and communication applications.

Parallel Lines


3D Animation

Motion design is everywhere - social media content, animated GIFs for email signatures, animated icons for web or mobile, photo-real 3D renders - and the demand is only growing as the world goes increasingly digital.


Icon Animations

Not only is good motion design elegant, eye-catching and scroll-stopping, it drives engagement for your business remarkably better than static icons, images or text.

Explainer Videos

Complex, abstract concepts can be explained in a more compelling way with motion design.

Products (digital or physical) can be displayed that don't exist yet. Ideas can be sold through to stakeholders before anything is made.

Motion Design and 3D graphics are the most effective way to execute on your imagination.

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