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I've been using Cinema 4D and the Adobe Suite for 15+ years, specializing in After Effects for 2D motion design and Cinema 4D for photo-real rendering, MoGraph animation, and VFX compositing; currently rendering with Redshift.

I'm the first-ever motion designer on staff in the Brand department at Capital One, as well as an adjunct professor at VCU Brandcenter, teaching Art Direction graduate students how to use After Effects for their creative campaigns. Below is my reel, other non-public stuff here.


3D Animation

I've been using Cinema 4D since 2010, rendering with Physical Render, then Octane, and now Redshift. I've become especially proficient in the C4D > AE workflow; importing camera animations from C4D (either motion-tracked or by hand) for further compositing in After Effects.


Interaction Animations

Motion Design has become ubiquitous in the User Interface space, adding moments of surprise and delight to the user experience. Motion also elevates the brand and imbues a sense of elegance and luxury. 

Explainer Videos

Complex, abstract concepts can be explained in a more compelling way with motion design.

Products (digital or physical) can be displayed that don't exist yet. Ideas can be sold through to stakeholders before anything is made. Audiences can be built off of engaging, emotionally resonant motion content.

Motion Design elegantly elevates and communicates your brand.

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